The BCWAC Legislative Tracking Chart

The Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition tracks legislation at the state and federal levels that would support (or hamper) women and their families in their quest for economic self-sufficiency.

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All bills listed are in line with our agreed-upon Principles.  Each proposed legislation is vetted by specialists in the area as well as other appropriate committee members. This document gets reviewed and updated monthly.  The Legislative Tacking Chart is an important resource to check when considering support or opposition to proposed legislation.

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OF NOTE: SB3 and HB77 Update, February 2017
We thought SB3 was a bad anti-choice bill then along came HB77 this week.  The anti-choice SB3 was fast tracked in 4-session days to pass the Senate on Feb 8 (32 – 18) and was sent to the House Health Committee this week. Introduced on Feb 21st by Rep Kathy Rapp from Northwest PA was HB77 with one Bucks County co-sponsor, Rep Craig Staats from Upper Bucks.  It is also in the House Health Committee that has a male chair and minority chair.  Also sitting on that committee is Rep Frank Farry (Bucks County) and co-chair of the Women’s Health Caucus, and Representatives Kevin Boyle and Pam DeLissio, both from Phila/MontCo.

ACTION ALERT: Now is the time to call and/or visit your PA Representative about these outrageous bills.
Details: HB77 includes
  • “Medical consultation and judgment” required,
  • Abortions limited to less than 20 weeks (note: ultra sound done at 20-weeks is when fetal abnormalities are usually discovered).
  • Abortion is performed in a hospital using a procedure “which provides the best opportunity for the unborn child to survive” and a second physician present to take control of the fetus upon complete extraction for “medical care to preserve the life and health”.  (Assumes that means a C-section.)
  • Outlaws D&E procedure with two physicians making judgment for life or death of the mother exceptions.
  • Physician is charged with third degree felony if s/he violates this ban.


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