Payday Lending

Pennsylvania is a target for the predatory payday loan industry,  but a broad-based statewide coalition has been able, through advocacy with legislators and the media, to keep payday lenders from wreaking long-term financial harm to women and their families. Pennsylvania has among the strictest laws in the US against abusive, debt trap payday loans above 24% APR, even if made over the Internet. For more information, contact


October 27, 2014
BCWAC is pleased and proud to join @realbankreform and 464 other organizations,
including many of our Partners, to say #stopthedebttrap, end payday lending abuses

Letter to Bucks County Legislators: June 18, 2014
Protect and Preserve Our Current Laws; Opposed Payday Lending

Letter Attachment from Pew Charitable Trust, June 2014
Pew Does Not Recommend PA Law Changes

Letter to the Editor: May 15, 2013
Oppose Payday Lenders’ “Micro-Credit” Proposal

Letter to the Editor: October 19, 2012
Death of the Payday Lending Bill

Letter to the Editor: May 29, 2012
McGinnis is Correct About Abusive Payday Loans: “Bankruptcy by Design”