Current Bills

From time to during the State and Federal legislative session, certain bills merit our advocacy based on our principles. You can see the current bills we are tracking for 2017 here.


In Feb 2017 BCWAC sent this Letter to Senators urging a NO vote on SB3 which restricts PA women’s right to choose to 19 weeks without exceptions, including for health of woman, fetal abnormalities, nor in cases of rape or incest. Viability is currently considered 24 weeks.

SB3 letter


In March 2015 Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition sent a letter to Senators Casey and Toomey requesting they demand the divisive abortion amendment attached to S.178 be removed immediately and pass a bill that helps the victims of human trafficking.

Letter to Senators Casey and Toomey – 3.16.15


In October 2014 BCWAC sent a Letter to Senators regarding HB1243 – 10/14/14

HB1243 Letter to Senators


Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition sent a letter to Senator Toomey requesting that he join Senator Casey in supporting the passage of the Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions. September 2014.

Letter to Senator Toomey


SB75 – The Human Trafficking Bill – This bill has passed the both the House and Senate and was sent to the Governor, for his signature, on July 1st. New protections for victims of Human Trafficking went into effect on September 2, 2014.

New Protections for Victims of Human Trafficking

SB 75 – The Human Trafficking Bill


The Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition delivers a letter to Bucks County Senators urging support of SB 1380, legislation to expand the State Housing Trust Fund: June 18, 2014
Build on Success: Support SB 1380  to Expand the State Housing Trust Fund

The Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition sent Governor Corbett a letter urging him not to sign HB 80, a bill that increases the potential for violence against the most vulnerable members of our state: our women and children. Letter to Gov Corbett



2016 BCWAC Legislation Tracker

BCWAC Legislative Update 2016