What is Advocacy?

The Alliance for Justice defines advocacy as “any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others.” The Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition will educate the public at large; will educate our legislators; will educate our state and local agency officials; will educate the business and other non-profit entities; will continue to strengthen our base; and will lobby for or against specific legislation (one form of advocacy) when appropriate.

Our Tactics
The Women’s Advocacy Coalition speaks with one voice about Economic Self-Sufficiency Principles by using many different approaches toward advocacy with and education of the public and private sectors. Personal meetings, letters, telephone calls, sharing stories of women and girls, letters to the editors, guest opinions, forums, press releases and conversations with the media, joining other coalitions with similar missions, attending public meetings, issuing “white papers” — these are among the techniques the Coalition utilizes to make its information and views known. And we will evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques toward the achievement of our goals.

Our Subcommittees
The Coalition currently has several working subcommittees or task forces reviewing issues surrounding Health Care, Housing, Employment, Caregiver Care, and the Cliff Effect (in child care subsidies).